The Cool Features

Time attack mode

People who want's to enjoy their time thinking without the need to rush against the clock can turn the time off.
People who love playing against the time, can adjust the time to as little as 30 seconds.

Difficulty setting made up for beginners to advance

4 letters, 5 letters and 6 letters game play level so beginners and advance word players can enjoy this game.

Give up button

Don't worry, you may give up now but as you keep playing, you'll learn more and more words.
That way you'll be able to guess all the words later on. As the old saying lose now to win later.

Hint for parents: your kids can now play, learn and enrich their vocabulary in fun way.

If you think you have mastered English vocabulary, then let's test it with this simple yet fun game.
If you love word puzzles, this one is your definite buy.

Ready to put your skill to the ultimate vocab test? Click that download button.
Hey, it's free, you've got nothing to lose.